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>> it hit me right here. >> reporter: francois says he and two friends had been hanging out in old town oakland when all of a sudden police swarmed and yelled for them to put their hands up. >> he just stopped his car, told me to get on the ground or something like that. before i could even move to the ground or pull my hands back up, he just shot. he shot me in my face. >> reporter: the 16-year-old says he fell to the ground bleeding. >> the pain, you don't wanna ever feel that pain. >> reporter: officers were actively investigating an armed robbery of a restaurant worker nearby. chief howard jordan says a witness mistook the three teens for the suspects and confirmed the three teens were not involved in the crime. jordan says the officer fired because he perceived a threat but would not elaborate on what that threat was. no weapons were found on the teen. >> the outcome is unfortunate
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for all involved and will receive the review it deserves. >> reporter: francois's father says he's having a hard time getting answers. >> you don't just shoot somebody's child on a mistake and then send them back home like from p.e. or something. and no paperwork and no explanation. >> reporter: but he also acknowledges the risks police take fighting crime in oakland. >> if we've got people that's supposed to be protecting us that's scared and they're making decisions based on fear theirself, then we're not really safe. [ inaudible ] >> we have some sad news to report tonight that we just learned. south bay paramedic quinn boyer has died.
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the 34-year-old was shot in the head in the oakland hills on tuesday when he was at a stop sign at keller and hanson drive. investigators have not yet confirmed whether the shooting followed an attempted robbery. oakland police say he passed away just before 4:00 this afternoon. quinn boyer was married and lived in dublin. the parents of three autistic children have filed a federal lawsuit against the antioch unified school district, claiming a teacher abused the children. the suit claims teresa cowboy pinched, slapped and verbally abused students in her class. the suit alleges the teacher's supervisors did nothing, even though they received reports of the abuse. cowboy is no longer a teacher in the district. a teacher accused of taping a toddler to a chair is once again under investigation. another teacher at center point
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christian preschool allegedly pinched a child on the torso in february. the former teacher has not been identified and no longer works at the school. cal state says they are running critically low on officers. they say the shortage has led to a significant spike in crime in recent years. in fact, in some cases, schools have seen a 300% increase in violent crime such as robberies or sexual assault. a spokesperson for the cal state chancellor's office says he was not aware of such a spike in crime and says all of the campus police departments are couraged to hire officers as needed. a monterey county man accused of driving his car into a wal-mart store on easter sunday and attacking customers was arraigned today in a south bay courtroom. haamid zaid faces charges, including attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon and driving under the influence. prosecutors also charged zaid in another case, after police say he plowed hid car into this
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san jose chevron gas station back in december. >> we have since relooked at that evidence, pulled the video in reference to that, and have added two counts to this case that involve the chevron incident. >> zaid did not enter a plea today. he was denied bail and remains in custody. he is due back in court on tuesday. the plea hearing for the suspect in the sierra lamar case has been postponed again. a santa clara judge says she delayed the hearing for garcia torres after the defense said it could not access digital copies of evidence. the hearing was rescheduled for april 18. torres remains in santa clara jail on suspicion of kidnapping and killing of the morgan hill teenager. police in albany are trying to find vandals who targeted three schools. the police department's facebook page says mcgregor, marin and albany high school were all vandalized last month.
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the gas line was cut on a district van as well. anyone with information is asked to call the albany police department. new at 6, san francisco touts itself as being one of the greenest cities in the world. but when it comes to recycling, critics say it could do better. rob roth tells us that recyclables put into recycling bins may not end up where you think they do. >> reporter: here in san francisco, you can put a plastic water bottle in a public recycling bin, but the city won't recycle it. some 1200 tons of san francisco garbage is dumped into this pit every day. it all winds up in the landfill. and that could include bottles, cans and cardboard from public trash containers, even those that say recyclable on them. that's because the city doesn't sort through the cans. >> i definitely thought there was a service that picked it up. >> reporter: the company that collects san francisco's trash
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says separating recycles from these cans can be hazardous. >> there can be hypodermic needles in there. there are a lot of dog droppings in there. >> reporter: but the city says less than 1% of its garbage comes from these containers and that while the city won't sort through the bins, other people will. street scavengers. the city says people can seek out blue recycling bins in offices downtown. >> we pick up tons of trash left behind on city streets. the trash cans are a good place to put your garbage. >> reporter: recology tells us they are researching new technology that sorts out recycles and hopes to begin a pilot project next year. that will likely mean a rate
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increase. this morning's wet weather caused problems in sonoma county. a tree along highway 116 in forestville toppled over, hitting power lines and blocking a roadway. crews blocked off the roadway and cars had to make a u-turn to get to a detour. the wet roads this morning also helped cause several accidents on bay area freeways. the highway patrol says this accident near interstate 280 in san jose was likely due to the driver going too fast for the conditions. fortunately, no one was hurt. our meteorologist mark tamayo is here now with more on the rain and what we can expect this evening. >> the rainfall moved in right on time. earlier this morning, it woke me up. we still have cloud cover, a few light showers to deal with. you can see the south bay, san jose, .15 inches. but santa rosa, .92. san rafael, .63.
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fairfield, nearly half an inch. you can see up towards parts of sonoma county, 1.31. right now, on live stormtracker 2 radar, lots of cloud cover out there. even if you're not covered in the green, you could have a few spotty showers, a few light sprinkles. we do have partly to mostly cloudy skies. clouds beginning to break up a bit in parts of the south bay and east bay. coming up, i'll break down shower chances for tomorrow and i'll let you know the timing of another warm-up showing up in the five-day forecast. chevron confirmed today repairs at the richmond refinery are complete. new at 6, ktvu tom vacar joins us live from richmond. tom? >> reporter: what do you think?
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is this place ready? and is it safe? chevron just told regulators it wants to restart its crude unit. >> we were notified just this week that chevron was ready for us to conduct reviews. >> reporter: cal osha could allow chevron to reopen the unit as soon as tomorrow. with all of the work now done and regulatory approval imminent, we asked chevron, can we come into the refinery and show everyone the work that you've done? chevron's response? no. >> is the chevron refinery, in your view, safe and ready to open? >> no. >> reporter: the senior scientist for the consumer and labor advocacy group commented. >> chevron should have found and fixed all of the risks. they should have installed inherently safer, more corrosion resistant piping materials throughout the refinery. and they should have committed
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to using the least corrosive products. >> reporter: the director of the labor occupational health program also commented. >> the way that this industry is being regulated in california needs to be completely rethought. >> reporter: tomorrow, wilson will present this report to a joint state legislative hearing in richmond, outlaying 41 other post-richmond incidents in california's accident-prone refinery industry. >> fires, spills, shutdowns and so forth. >> reporter: wilson says refiners need to be a lot more open and transparent, since the corrosion still eats away at many areas of this and other plants. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. livermore has named its new interim police chief. 65-year-old randy sonneberg is set to fill in until a permanent replacement is found for the former chief who retired last month.
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he comes with a police background, after serving as the chief of police of foster city's police department in 2004, when he retired. president obama headed back to the nation's capitol this afternoon. the presidential motorcade wound through san francisco this morning, taking him to crissy field, where he headed to the two fund-raisers. he was greeted once again by opponents of the keystone pipeline from canada to the gulf coast. >> there are many possible leaks along the way that can pollute our water supply and our land, so it's really a very terrible idea. >> i came down to see the action. protesters were here with their big signs. i went and made by little hand sign. the president drove by. a lot of guns, a lot of security. >> the president left on air force one about 1:30 this afternoon after raising more than $3 million for the
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democratic congressional campaign committee. a furious flyer at a hawaiian airport. see how a bay area police officer came to the rescue of a tsa agent who was attacked. and in two minutes -- >> [ bleep ] >> the ship just hit the bridge. >> what the new report recommended to deal with a pilot who swiped the bay bridge. and distracted driving cost us big time. the two tips that officer give to resist the temptation of using your cell phone. ktvu channel 2 news and morning's on 2, complete bay area news coverage, weekdays, starting at 4:30. to hardly working. ♪ big sales that help you get away. that's how we fly. act now to grab flights all over the country as low as $59 one-way. these fares won't last long so hurry and book now, only at
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we are southwest. welcome aboard.
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the pilot of an oil tanker that sideswiped the bay bridge has had his license revoked, at least temporarily. we're live with the details of a new report just released today. >> reporter: julie, the crash happened 87 days ago. today we learned and heard more
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about what happened in the moments before and after the ship struck the bridge. state investigators and environmentists say it shouldn't have happened. the overseas ramar, a 752-foot oil tanker, struck and damaged this bay bridge tower on january 7. a new accident report and audio recordings today prompted board of pilot commissioners to suspends the license of ship captain guy kleess. >> the things that happened or actions by the pilot that caused us to conclude that it was not right. >> reporter: investigators say they failed to communicate effectively as the overseas ship traveled through the fog toward the bridge. just before the crash, the coast guard radioed the ship. >> i just want to confirm everything is okay. >> reporter: police react angrily at the moment of impact. >> [ bleep ] >> the ship just hit the bridge.
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>> [ bleep ] >> we will indeed look forward to presenting, at trial, the evidence and testimony that we believe will establish that captain kleess acted appropriately. >> reporter: no one was injured in the crash and no oil was spilled by the vessel. six years ago, a ship struck a bridge tower, spilling oil into the bay. >> it's really important to study near misses, because the risk of an oil spill in san francisco bay is really large. >> reporter: a state judge will take up kleess's suspension in 40 days and could rule to lift it or make it permanent. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. a group of flight attendants was outside san francisco international airport today handing out leaflets to passengers, urging them to write congress about the dangers of allowing small knives on board planes. the transportation security administration is set to lift a
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ban on knives with blades shorter than 2.6 inches as well as sports equipment, including hockey sticks. the tsa says ignoring small lives will allow screeners to focus on looking for things like explosives. but the mother of the one of the victims of the september 11 attacks, pointed out that hijackers that day used knives, not explosives, to take over the planes. >> i'm hear to say to tsa, please, please, do not allow these weapons back on board the aircraft. >> the ban on knives is set to be lifted on april 25. we have some unusual video tonight of an off-duty police officer from pinole coming to the aid of a security officer at honolulu airport. a woman apparently pushes over a sign. pinole police corporal justin rogers was in line and saw the struggle.
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he jumped over a barrier, threw the woman to the ground and subdued her. rogers then managed to make his flight. no word on what charges, if any, the woman on the ground faces. april is distracted driving awareness month throughout california and the petaluma police department was out enforcing the laws. petaluma officers ended up issuing 80 tickets for cell phone use with a minimum cost of $159. the petaluma police department suggests turning off your phone before getting behind the wheel and also mentioning in your outgoing message that you can't answer the phone while you're driving. well, today's rain from this morning moving out of town. but we still have a few pop-up showers, although the clouds are beginning to break up in parts of the south bay. but over the bay itself, still a solid deck of overcast. you can see the cloud cover
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over the bay area. not much in the way of green showing up on the radar, reflecting the shower activity. but we do have the chance of a few sprinkles. even if you're not covered with the green here, there's so much low-level moisture in place, we do have a few pop-up showers in the forecast for tonight. but really not a big deal. tomorrow, still more clouds. and the weekend, we're not going to clear things out. in fact, the chance of a few light showers or few sprinkles. but really, these are all very weak systems. santa rosa, 48. hayward, 52. in the pacific, developments offshore, you can see this area of low pressure. the moisture, the eventually track over the next few days, beginning tomorrow, saturday and sunday, the track pushes all the cloud cover up to our north but close enough to the bay area that we do bring in partly to mostly cloudy skies and the chance of a sprinkle or light shower. all this is favoring the north
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bay. you'll notice maybe a sprinkle or two first thing tomorrow morning but still mostly cloudy skies. we'll continue with that theme throughout the afternoon hours, friday and friday night. into saturday, the system basically falls apart, still enough moisture that we could have a light shower. saturday morning, 8:00, it basically washes out over the central portions of the bay by 11:00. partly cloudy skies by saturday afternoon. by sunday, we could have cloud cover and the chance of a light shower or sprinkle. tomorrow morning, clouds and drizzle. still clouds by the afternoon hours. temperatures will be in the upper 50's to low to mid 60's for afternoon highs. san jose, 66. morgan hill, 67. your weekend coming up, it's not going to be a washout, but it's not going to be completely sunny as well. you can still see the chance of a few sprinkles on saturday,
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mainly for the morning hours. chance of a sprinkle but these are all lights. we have warmer temperatures coming up by tuesday, mainly in the mid 70's. >> thanks, mark. coming up on bay area news at 7 on tv 36, air force one took off this afternoon but it's what president obama said during his bay area stay that caused a stir. his interesting choice of words for one state official. and an angry protest at ucsf medical center. join us at 7 on tv 36. film critic roger ebert has died. he spent 46 years writing for the chicago sun times newspaper. but he's better known for his television appearances. he died in chicago after a long battle with cancer. ebert's signature thumbs up- thumbs down has become part of the national culture. ebert blogged earlier this week
6:22 pm
that the cancer had returned and he was going to take a break from work. roger ebert was 70 years old. the mariners and the a's went at it again today at the coliseum. mark is going to tell us who came out on top. sports is up next. well, well, well.
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mark is here now with sports. giants open tomorrow. but the a's got a little winning streak going here. >> yeah. not too shabby. they come on strong and take care of seattle and look good doing it. we've got to show you a little fan activity. look at the grab made by the fan right there! the most spectacular part about it, didn't spill a drop of his beer in the left hand. looking good! josh reddick, who got off to a little bit of a short start, one way to right center! he had four rbi's on the day. 3-1 a's in the sixth. how about this guy, michael morris? four homers in four games. got to a.j. griffin right there. yoenis cespedes, just a laser that leaves the yard in left.
6:26 pm
two-run shot, his second of the year. and the fan saying, yeah, i caught that ball, no problem. the a's victorious to split that series. meantime, the sharks on a roll. six straight wins. not only that, they've been on a trading frenzy as well. that's raffy torres working out with the team today, well-known to call, in a sharks uniform. kind of a rock 'em, sock 'em type of guy. two years ago he slammed into joe thornton, separated his shoulder. he says that he's toning it down a little now. >> when i say tone down, it's more just knocking out the recklessness and the running around with like a chicken's head cut off, like with no authority. but i'll make sure i'm, you know, on the right side of the pocket. for me, it's all about just trying to keep things simple. my problem is, when i start
6:27 pm
thinking too much out there, my game starts to go south. >> tough guy. >> oh. >> looking forward to barry zito on the mound tomorrow for the giants against the cardinals. home opener. and a bay area plagued by crime. see video of what's happening, coming up tonight. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we're always here on see you at 10!
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